We help brands feature their products or services in Bollywood movies.

As one of the leading agencies in India for product placements, we provide creative assistance for seamlessly integrating and positioning your brand in films.

We closely work with India’s biggest production houses like Red Chillies Entertainment, Dharma Productions, Fox Star India, Eros International, T-Series, Disney, Balaji Motion Pictures, Phantom Films, Excel Entertainment, FilmKraft Productions etc.

  • Implied endorsement

    Through movie collaborations, celebrities will indirectly promote/ use your brand’s products or services, through the characters they play in their films.

  • Perpetual Association

    Unlike any short-term marketing campaigns, an in-film tie-up lasts for eternity. Your brand will enjoy recall value, every time the movie is viewed through any medium (Television/Digital/ DVD) post release. Global Reach Bollywood movies are released in multiple countries, your brand would thus inevitably be exposed to a global audience.

  • Global Reach

    Bollywood movies are released in multiple countries, your brand would thus inevitably be exposed to a global audience.

  • Product Placement

    In addition to passive branding through logo visibility, the benefits and differential features of your product/service will be highlighted through its active use and integration.


We create thematic synergies between movies and brands through out-of-film co-branded associations. Brands can capitalize on the pre-release hype of a film by associating with its characters. We help them engage with their customers/ business affiliates through promotional videos & contests, meet & greet photo-opportunities with the stars and special screenings. As a part of such tie-ups, we also assist brands for various activations like

  • Conceptualization & execution of the co-branded campaign
  • Launching/creating special edition collections or packaging
  • Holding media events in association with the movie


We build reliable partnerships between the IPL teams and brands.

With IPL being one of the most popular sporting leagues in the world, we help brands create comprehensive marketing campaigns to get tremendous logo/advertising visibility across India and the globe.

Celebrity Indian and International cricketers sport the brand’s logo on their apparel through such partnerships. Brands get access to cricketers for promotional activities, their imagery rights, match tickets, autographed merchandise and more to make it a holistic 360 degree marketing campaign.


We closely work with India’s biggest celebrities and talent management agencies to help brands find the right face as their ambassador.


We help brands associate with celebrities who have a huge following on their personal Social media handles. Their posts act as major catalysts in influencing their followers, creating a substantial competitive edge for brands.


We can facilitate digital partnerships for your brand with web series, digital shows, music videos and creative properties conceptualized by the largest production houses, YouTube channels and OTT plaforms


We help brands to get the rights of classic Bollywood Movies and popular Sports franchises to launch a special collection/ edition/ variant of products and/or services.

With experts on board in product designing and international procurement, we also execute sourcing requirements for brands from our associates in UAE and China.


We ideate intellectual property concepts for brands to generate content through mediums like TV Shows, Events, Web Series, Music Videos, Games etc in alignment with their marketing strategies.

By creating content that the brand produces and owns for perpetuity, we help them extend their marketing communication & value philosophy, such that the property becomes inseparable from the brand and they both become synonymous to each other.

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